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Environmentally Responsible Battery Disposal

The proper disposal of spent lead acid batteries is crucial to the well being of our communities and the environment. Improper battery disposal is not only evnironmentally irresonsible, it can also lead to hefty fines. We help our customers by assuring that they comply with all the rules and regulations that govern the storage and disposal of spent lead acid batteries. We can handle any quantity of cores you may have, from individual units to whole truck loads.


We offer free bi-weekly or monthly pickup for customers who produce large quantities of junk batteries. We also offer free pickup on anything over 2,000 lbs.


If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our battery disposal program, send your inquiry to SALES@REPUBLICBATTERY.COM, or call us directly at 713-645-2141


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6130 Long Drive

Houston, TX 77087


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