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Houston, TX 77087

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Wire, Maintenance, and Cleaning Supplies

Red and Black Starter cable by the foot (#6 – 2/0)

Crimping tool

Crimp Copper Lugs

Crimp Terminals

Marine terminals

Universal Terminals

Brass Terminals

Heat Shrink



Corrosion Preventatives and Cleaners

Terminal Cleaning Brushes

Wire cutters

+ much more!


We also stock prefabricated battery cables. If we don’t have what you need, we can usually custom make it for you on the spot!





Massive Inventory of Accessories

wire management

We've got all the supplies you need to custom make  your own cables

chargers, maintainers, and jump boxes

Industrial Chargers

Small Automobile Chargers

Golf Cart Chargers

On Board chargers for equipment, 12 and 24 volt systems

Battery Maintainers

Light Duty Jump Boxes

Industrial Jump Boxes

24- Volt jump boxes

+ much more!